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Frequently Asked Questions – Coaching

Why do I need a coach?

Why take a lifetime to achieve your goals, visions and dreams when you can work with a coach over a short period of time to achieve your true potential.

How can the coaching sessions be delivered?

Sessions can be conducted via a variety of methods:

  • Telephone
  • Skype (Visual or Audio)
  • In person (face to face)
  • Walk and talk sessions
  • Workshops
  • Group Coaching
  • Success Circles
  • Coaching Parties

All the above services can be combined with text and email support.

What should I expect during a Coaching Session?

You can expect a professional yet relaxed and informal service whereby you are exclusively listened to and understood; guiding you to explore your priorities & motivations to help move you forward.

How many sessions will I need?

Following your initial consultation session, we know you will want to take into account your other commitments and also value for money. Therefore, we will together discuss the number of sessions that are appropriate for you.

How often should I have a session?

As each of our clients are unique, some choose to have weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Coaching is personal to each individual, it is dependent on what you want to achieve and when.

How long will my coaching journey be?

Clients’ personal circumstances will often dictate this. You may require a ‘short sharp burst’ of coaching over a few weeks, or need to be more reflective in your journey over a few months.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Here are just some of the benefits our client’s experience:

  • A clear shift in old patterns of thinking; changing our view and perspective
  • A reframing of habits
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased levels of motivation
  • Increased confidence; feeding into other areas of your life
  • The ability to set goals and take action regularly
  • Gaining of new skills to overcome challenges
  • Increased performance and results

What results can I expect?

As a client you will be committed to setting goals, making change and taking action to move yourself forward. A coach will guide, challenge and support you to identify solutions and help you to get the motivation you need, ultimately you are responsible for the success and results you achieve.

What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

The skills used by both mentors and coaches are very similar. However, the major difference between the two is that Mentors tend to be the expert in the one area they are mentoring on and will therefore offer advice, opinions and suggestions based on their own experience. Coaches facilitate a process that allows the individual to come up with their own answers.

What is the difference between Coaching and Counselling / Psychotherapy?

There are a number of key differences between Coaching and Counselling:

Counselling focuses on understanding, resolving and coming to terms with the past. Coaching very much focuses on the present and the future i.e. where the person is now, where they desire to be and how they can best get there
Counselling is based on feelings and emotions. Coaching is based on actions and outcomes
During counselling, the therapist is responsible for both the process and the outcome. During coaching, the coach is responsible for the process and the client is responsible for the results
Coaching is not about the coach offering advice, suggestions, counselling or therapy

What is the difference between Coaching and Consultancy?

Coaches and Consultants provide two distinctly different benefits. Consultants are most commonly used for their knowledge within a particular field and are largely information giving. Coaching on the other hand, offers more of a personalised service; aiming to enhance the performance of individuals and teams by extracting internal information rather than giving it. In summary, Consultants are most often used to bring and offer solutions, suggestions and ways forward; whereas the purpose of a coach is to help people identify, uncover and implement their own solutions and ways forward.

What should I expect from my initial intake session?

The intake session is an important part of the coaching process as it covers expectations from the Coach and client’s point of view. The session can take between 45 minutes to one hour; depending on what you want to explore and how clear your vision is.


  • Welcomes you
  • Helps you discover what you want to achieve from coaching; your aims, visions and goals
  • Clarifies what coaching is and is not
  • Explores the role of the client and coach
  • Looks at ways of working together effectively

How can I find out more?

If you like what you have read and seen so far and think that Coaching may be just what you are looking for, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to call, e mail or text us to arrange your free 30 minute complimentary consultation or book a coaching session with us.

E-mail for more information, or call directly on 07801 86 5678.