Defining Moments - Coaching & Counselling - North West UK

Counselling Philosophy

We believe that counselling:

  • Provides a safe and confidential environment for the client to be truly listened to in a non-judgemental, empathic manner.
  • Is a person-centred therapy which facilitates change and brings a positive outcome for a client.
  • Is a collaborative partnership whereby the counsellor fully believes in a client’s capacity and resources to grow. It is 100% client centred.
  • Provides a trusting space in which to explore and reflect on past and present experiences.
  • Is an empowering process; allowing the client to work through issues that are often painful and challenging.
  • Increases self awareness and personal skills.
  • Respects all cultures, diversity and life experiences.
  • Is so significant that clients often use their experience of the process to help others or themselves with any future life issues.
  • Enables great change! It empowers clients which enables them to feel back in control of their lives.
Origins of Counselling