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Origins of Counselling

At Defining Moments we use the Person-Centred Model of Counselling as it is our belief that it is the best model available.

The most renowned work concerning psychological theories was that of Sigmund Freud which began in 1881. Person-Centred counselling however, originated from the innovative theories of Dr. Carl Rogers. Rogers was a Psychologist who believed that given the right conditions and environment, a person has the resources within to develop and grow.

His work was a major step forward for counselling resulting in widespread acceptance of the theory and his approach is now central to most current counselling practices.

Person-Centred Counselling has increased profoundly in the last 40 years and is now a very well established practice in the U.K. Skills from the Person-Centred approach have been transferred to other environments such as management roles and staff development in the workplace. This approach also directly links into other areas of peoples’ lives.

Introduction to Counselling Services