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What is Counselling?

Today change is constant and fast paced. People are feeling under ever increasing pressure to adapt to different situations and often not spending enough time on issues important to them. Most of us just plod on going into auto-pilot just to get through the day, month, year.

We know deep down that things aren’t quite right but can’t find the time to unpick them.

We can become inadvertently disconnected from who we are and create our own illusions.

Our culture tends to particularly value the intellect which can overlook emotional issues which burden us on a daily basis. It is usually only after yet one more life changing event that people come to Counselling.


  • Provides a safe and confidential environment for the client to be truly listened to in a non-judgemental, empathic manner.
  • Is a person-centred therapy which facilitates change and brings a positive outcome for a client.
  • Is an empowering process; allowing the client to work through issues that are often painful and challenging.
  • Is a collaborative partnership whereby the Counsellor fully believes in a client’s capacity and resources to grow. It is 100% client centred
  • Provides a trusting space in which to explore and reflect on past and present experiences.
  • Increases self awareness and personal skills.
  • Fully accepts a client for who they are.
  • Offers an impartial view with supportive challenge where appropriate.
  • Provides the unique opportunity for the client to eventually become the ‘expert’. The counsellor will naturally become redundant as the client develops skills to use in their everyday life.
  • Enables great change! It empowers clients which enables them to feel back in control of their lives.
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