Defining Moments - Coaching & Counselling - North West UK

Our Philosophy

We believe that the coaching we offer:

  • Is a simple, flexible and time focused process which fits into the clients everyday life
  • Is a collaborative and confidential partnership between the client and coach
  • Increases self-awareness and responsibility for setting goals and taking action and creating the desired results
  • Motivates, inspires and encourages the client to set and achieve self-defined goals that are congruent to their own values and beliefs
  • Is a powerful process designed to challenge unhelpful thinking and allow the client to view things from a different perspective; seeing new possibilities
  • Is 100% client centred; tapping into the clients creativity and resourcefulness
  • Provides a unique space for the client to be truly listened to in an objective and non-judgmental manner
  • Allows reflection of new and existing skills and strengths which can be used to overcome challenges and move you beyond what you thought was possible
  • Acknowledges that past performances, experience and results does not reflect future potential and success
  • Is contagious – pass it on! Many clients go on to use their coaching experience to help others
  • Is an inspiring life-long journey
Origins of Coaching