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What is Coaching?

Einstein said…

“We cannot solve our problems by thinking on the same level that we have used to create them”

  • A collaborative and confidential partnership
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Increases responsibility for setting goals, taking action and creating positive results
  • Identifies your values and beliefs
  • A powerful process which challenges unhelpful thinking and allows you to view things from a different perspective
  • Explores options and ideas
  • 100% client centred
  • Taps into your creativity and resourcefulness
  • A unique space for you be truly listened to and understood
  • Objective and non-judgmental
  • Gives you exclusive time and space, free from rush
  • Facilitates reflection
  • Focuses on both new and existing skills and strengths to overcome challenges
  • Present and future focused
  • Contagious – pass it on!
  • An inspiring life-long journey


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